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5 months ago
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3 months ago
If RascalPvP ads were realistic:

/join rascalpvp Join now for 40 wooden swords and 30 stacks of iron nuggets(no crafting!) The Original GenPvP server WHERE gens are useless! and mining is OP! and /freerank adds a + to your name and does nothing ELSE!

3 months ago
Let's kick off the ECONOMY in the SMP!!!

Being the player with top balance in the SMP(/baltop), I want to start off the Economy!

#1 /ah

I will be putting arrows of slowness on /ah frequently(yes, I have a stray farm already).


If you want enchanted books, tell me!

Prices are:

sharpness 3: 40 emeralds + 1 book

protection 3: 26 emeralds + 1 book

efficiency 5: 90(64+26) emeralds + 1 book

unbreaking 3: 100(64+36) emeralds + 1 book

flame: 32 emeralds + 1 book



My team, staffers, is stacked(I have 3 stacks of diamonds and a max fishing rod, hehe). IF you want to join, tell Boggo_ However, we limit the people on our team to staff, so if you want to join, APPLY!

5 months ago
Technoblade crate items,enchanting,OP chestplate,pickaxes,more

Technoblade crate items are hard to get, especially the sword. They should be buyable, like the Coconut great sword.

Enchanted books were in S3 and I absolutely NEEDED it. Please add it back. Price can be 7 netherite blocks for 1 enchanted books(same as last season)

I've seen many OP hats, leggings, and boots in the S3 items shop. But a chestplate? I have to use the regular enchanted netherite. I suggest adding an OP chestplate.

Pickaxes in the end now only goes up to iron(efficiency 5)? I am so frustrated that I can't mine endstone instantly like S3 now. Please add the diamond pickaxes back.

Low attribute modifiers(talismen in the map) only work when it is in my offhand. WHY? I am so used to putting a speed modifier at my second slot and switching to it when traveling and switching back to sword when attacking. There is a definite best thing to put in the offhand, and that's the technoblade sword, so please add an attribute modifier for the main hand.

One of the community rules is "no escaping the map" but I've found that especially vague. What is "outside the map"? outside the mountains? outside the barrier that surrounds the map? make it more clear.


No friends.