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Info Important Forum Rules
Started by Moth

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26 Jun 2023
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10 Dec 2023

On the topic of forums

RascalPvP's forums are a recent addition, so we don't have a strict set of guidelines yet. As such, please expect regulations to change, and gravitate towards specificity over time.

The following is a general guideline for how we expect behavior to follow on this site. Please also be aware that any rules within the Community Rules topic also apply to the forum, as mentioned there. If you need to refresh your memory, that resource will always be available.

P: Polite. We expect users to remain polite and courteous when posting topics, replies, or any form of communication. Any form of toxicity will be dealt with.

O: Originality. Users should bring new ideas and concepts into the forum, not repost the words of others. Posts that are direct, or near-direct copies of another will be taken down.

S: Safety. The forums are a safe space for users, and any behavior that infringes on that belief will be dealt with. This includes the sharing of personal information, threats, and otherwise harmful or terror-inducing behavior.

T: Thoughtful. Think before you post: Should I really post this? Do I help anyone by posting it? If the answer to either of those questions is no, please refrain from posting it.


Of course, this is a general (and vague) estimation as to how we moderate our forums. As the website and server matures, we will update this with a more accurate representation of how we expect users to behave on our platform. Additionally, as always, staff have the final say when it comes to punishments, and those decisions will ultimately depened on the severity of the infringement. Differing situations have differing solutions and means by which to deal with them. By continuing to use the forum, you agree to treat others (and yourself) in high spirits when interacting on this platform.

Moth · 6 months ago · Last edited: 6 months ago