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Important Important Announcement
3 hours ago

PVP is back online, but the SMP server and Lobby are having some issues.

We do not know how long it will take to get these back online.

There is a memory leak on the two aforementioned servers, and as of right now, I'm not equipped enough to deal with it.

Please be aware that I'm trying my hardest, but it will take time nonetheless.

- Moth

Important SMP Full Release
4 months ago

You've been asking. We answered.

Join the SMP by connecting to RascalPvP (rascalpvpmc.com; /join RascalPvP in the lobby), and using /server smp to connect. To return, use /server pvp.

More information will be released under the Player Information section.

Note: Ranks are server-specific. If you purchased or received a donator rank for RascalPvP, it will only apply to the PvP server, 

Info Redeem Codes
4 months ago

Free items just by checking the forums?

We added redeem codes! You might see codes hidden throughout the forums from now on, or on our TikTok account (@rascalpvp). Keep an eye out!

It's really simple, too. Once you see a code, type /redeem <code> ingame, and you'll get free stuff! Try it out with code 'f0rums'!

TikTok Account
4 months ago

We made a TikTok account! 🥳


We'll be making our first post shortly. Stay tuned, and go follow us!


Info Double Drop Weekends
4 months ago

We are now doing double drop weekends!
Every weekend at GMT time there will be x2 gen drops.


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